Lying freak


So you obviously received your swim suit. I saw it yesterday. But this long ass text to your ex about how I stole it? And telling MY husband and mother in law I TOOK IT?!  When I saw the ugly black n white 2 piece suit with the Victoria Secrets label I knew even more how you lack any moral fiber or decency because you never told anyone OOPS, my bad, I got my package. Never said I’m sorry to anyone. Of course not. This is just another example for the existing stack of💩that represents the true YOU.

PS. I didn’t touch it when I saw it. I was afraid too and the soap wasn’t handy


Don’t forget


Dont forget Tina to let everyone know that when I asked you to YOUR FACE if you were screwing my husband,having an affair,or wanted him….You said NO. Why did you lie cowardly bitch? Then post stupid shit…..Spinless piece of garbage

And your commenting friends whom I’ve never met are just as slimy as you are

Every single Tuesday,gotta post another glorious pic


Without fail,weekly at least one more like 4+,she posts pics of THEM. The happy couple. Her and her married boyfriend she proudly professes to have taken because “I AM THAT GOOD” according to her self proclimations.

Typically she takes HIS phone while he’s taking his turn at the almighty super-sport of darts. She accesses his face book ap and posts. Boom. Just like that. How do I know! Because every other day he isn’t at darts,those stupid happy couple pics don’t happen. More fodder for my attorney who is pressing the adultery charge the Hubs&Ho still deny. Here in SC they frown upon that sorta thing😂



He is still married dumbass. To ME

image image

2 weeks ago, while the HO and hubs went to play with their usual “friends” dart league, Ho took hubs phone,accessed his facebook and posted this gem. See he’s still married to me! 3 hours later it was down😂. Yet another example of her stupidity and insufferably needy workings