Perpetual stalker stalking


Just cant get enough can you. So obsessed with me that now you enjoy reading about you. You’re more sick than most serial stalkers. And so blinded by your own filth and lies to see that I don’t give a FLYING FUCK about you other than your inability to leave and me and my children alone. You have 3 children you’ve abandoned for the bar and single life. My two don’t want you and you don’t have the time or qualifications to raise ANY child. So STFU


Lie to my face then act like a badass with a keyboard

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So so why did you deny your any and everything when I sat you down and asked you if you were FUCKING my husband ONLY to turn around and be brave away from my face you cowardly whore? I’ll wait here for your answer. CRICKETS. So now u have him after I stupidly kept him for from the date u sent these for 5 MORE MONTHS while he denied it too. You feel good whore!? Good. Now step off,fuck off an keep it moving

Low rent HOOD RAT

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Uh huh…Yup,you’re quite the catch..Trahy and low rent hood rat that has the foulest inner nastiness that radiates outwardly to make that face even nastier while YOU tell me how foul I am. Have I said a single lie? Nope. All and everything I’ve blocked is DOCUMENTED. Now what heifer? Why not leave me alone? Sicko And you’re a two time loser in that while cheating WITH my hubs,you ask your ex for sex and cheat ON the one you cheat WITH. Yup, you’re a real upgrade alright

Pot Meet Kettle



This is Joann. THE Joann person that comments on these posts with Tina about how ugly and revolting and nasty I AM….Hhhmmmmm,seems she’s rather barf worthy. And WHO posts their nasty hoof on FB?

I’m not a beauty queen but I’m SURE an upgrade over that nasty woman that I’ve NEVER MET &SHES NOT MET ME EVER