Now,this arrest is clearly for disorderly conduct. And clearly it happened at 0:Dark30

and no one was involved but the arrested disorderly person. BUT because this person is not capeable of normal thought process and is obsessed with her boyfriends wife to the point of complete lunacy. (He no longer resides with wife.Traded her & children in for the above posted prize).) Why do I say that? Because soon to be ex calls me and says he knows she was arrested because I (current wife) filed a bogus police report and had a warrant issued for her arrest cuz …….we’ll just cuz I guess. Funny,I must have slept thru this event because IT NEVER HAPPENED. So,as the story goes,while she was minding her own business,pining for her man (cough) the police man picked her up and just scribbled down DISORDERRLY CONDUCT because he could. Everything that happens to this troll is someone else’s fault. Like this latest mishap,5 mug shots in 3 years,is all my fault according to her. My advise to any dummy dumb enough to believe that the rest of us are as dumb as they are,is this….Own your shit crybaby. Or stay at home where your broke ass should be.

Lie to my face then act like a badass with a keyboard

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So so why did you deny your any and everything when I sat you down and asked you if you were FUCKING my husband ONLY to turn around and be brave away from my face you cowardly whore? I’ll wait here for your answer. CRICKETS. So now u have him after I stupidly kept him for from the date u sent these for 5 MORE MONTHS while he denied it too. You feel good whore!? Good. Now step off,fuck off an keep it moving

Low rent HOOD RAT

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Uh huh…Yup,you’re quite the catch..Trahy and low rent hood rat that has the foulest inner nastiness that radiates outwardly to make that face even nastier while YOU tell me how foul I am. Have I said a single lie? Nope. All and everything I’ve blocked is DOCUMENTED. Now what heifer? Why not leave me alone? Sicko And you’re a two time loser in that while cheating WITH my hubs,you ask your ex for sex and cheat ON the one you cheat WITH. Yup, you’re a real upgrade alright

News flash
News flash
We know we know
We know we know

OMG…How many times does it take the same redundant picture from more than a year ago to finally convince whomever it is that needs it that THE HUBS&HO are together? Reeks of insecurity to me. Rightfully so since she is no longer in the spot light and is now second place. Good spot for the leftovers anyway

Hampster wheel

image image 

When does the wheel stop spinning for this mental midget? Why does she care to create a board bout marrying a man who IS still married and won’t marry her? And then share it with me? I don’t care? And you call me obsessed(her) when she TROLLED to find this blog! MKay then sunshine. Take your meds. You have plenty

Threats. Hot air of a raging lunatic



A whole lot of keyboard and lip action you F’ing coward. Who the hell are you? Any place and time bitch and I’ll be happy to defend myself or my children. YOU are nothing to me and your threats have the same merit and worth as your moral compass. ZILCH. ZIP. ZERO. Kinda like your personality….Nah, that’s too much of a step up for you….And why you text your ex husband this garbage is yet another shining example of your intelligence.


This is kind of passive bullshit when Hubs is going to have our girls for the day….Why? Why even post that shit? And how many people does one trifling whore have to convince how wonderful she is by being the side chick of the guy fighting with his wife(me) about divorcing me on Grounds of Adultly? Look at that face….Speaks volumes of desperation😖😖😖