Priceless Participation




I wrote this in 2014 months after kicking him out to be with this knuckle dragger. BUT I never checked to see if there were comments and I logged into disquis tonight and POOF!! The Karma is real!!😂 I wish I knew who it was!! I’d hug them and thank them!

The images below are of the pages on the website…..And her most recent of several mugshots is further proof that cheap shit does not age well….




Lie to my face then act like a badass with a keyboard

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So so why did you deny your any and everything when I sat you down and asked you if you were FUCKING my husband ONLY to turn around and be brave away from my face you cowardly whore? I’ll wait here for your answer. CRICKETS. So now u have him after I stupidly kept him for from the date u sent these for 5 MORE MONTHS while he denied it too. You feel good whore!? Good. Now step off,fuck off an keep it moving

Really Bitch?

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Are you kidding? How dare you even portend to know a single fact about about my marriage or the circumstances of Ike’s proposal to me. Trapped? That mus be your PLAN because it wasn’t OUR reality. And what have I done to you? Not a fucking thing EXCEPT spew your TRUTH while you have done nothing but PROJECT AND SPREAD SLANDEROUS LIES. So BRING whatever it is that you’re delusional mind thinks I’m not EQUIPPED to handle. But be prepared and pack a lunch. You’ll be here a while because you’re way outta your league little punk and I’ll be happy to entertain you.

Threats. Hot air of a raging lunatic



A whole lot of keyboard and lip action you F’ing coward. Who the hell are you? Any place and time bitch and I’ll be happy to defend myself or my children. YOU are nothing to me and your threats have the same merit and worth as your moral compass. ZILCH. ZIP. ZERO. Kinda like your personality….Nah, that’s too much of a step up for you….And why you text your ex husband this garbage is yet another shining example of your intelligence.


This is kind of passive bullshit when Hubs is going to have our girls for the day….Why? Why even post that shit? And how many people does one trifling whore have to convince how wonderful she is by being the side chick of the guy fighting with his wife(me) about divorcing me on Grounds of Adultly? Look at that face….Speaks volumes of desperation😖😖😖


image image imageNo, my daughter does NOT want to be your friend on Facebook or anywhere else. So nice try using her to get to me loser.

No,my nipples are just that. Plural. I have two. Rather nice you sick fuque. You’ve NEVER seen me. Who are you to state such garbage? That’s right. You’re garbage.

AND no,I never got any apology about another of your endless rants about a bathing suit last year. AND I’m not going down you maligned imbecile


You’ve ONCE AGAIN crossed the line clown C*%NT Tina.

starts TEXTING my phone last week saying she’s coming to MY DAUGHTERS softball game.When in fact my daughters can’t stand her so she’d only go to prey on a child! And harass the mother,ME.

She started following a Pinterest acct of mine from 2YEARS AGO! And made boards with my children calling them hers. Tina,get meds for your instability and mentally diminished capacity