Hampster wheel

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When does the wheel stop spinning for this mental midget? Why does she care to create a board bout marrying a man who IS still married and won’t marry her? And then share it with me? I don’t care? And you call me obsessed(her) when she TROLLED to find this blog! MKay then sunshine. Take your meds. You have plenty

Don’t forget


Dont forget Tina to let everyone know that when I asked you to YOUR FACE if you were screwing my husband,having an affair,or wanted him….You said NO. Why did you lie cowardly bitch? Then post stupid shit…..Spinless piece of garbage

And your commenting friends whom I’ve never met are just as slimy as you are

Lying Narsacistic Drama Drag Queen


WHO HAS A DRUG ARREST? Deflecting again
WHO HAS A DRUG ARREST? Deflecting again

Why? I don’t want him back. She has nothing g to do but waste time following me around sniffing for more scraps? If she’s so HAPPY with her man,why not leave me the fuck alone?! This happened TODAY.

Makes me 😂😂😂at what’s in store for Pinterest now. I’ve only shared things here I’ve endured. Maybe I’ll be sharing pics there?

Liar,coward and overall nasty vile bitch

THIS text is from HER,the ho,to her ex husband ABOUT ME! I’ve never ever cheated on my husband. Im the one who filed for the divorce! How does this delusional slander garbage  ferment in someone’s mind?       

The class act she is,(cough)continues to spew via her and his Facebook pages the vile garbage and tacky commentary only someone of her caliber could write