Deflect much?

image imageWhile posting lies she has manufactured in her head,calling ME felon and criminal with a record. But WHO has a mug shot? Not me! HAHAHAHA. KARMA at work. She TEXTED her Ex husband using MY LAST NAME as her own and tells him I AM a criminal and she can prove it?! I’ve NEVER been arrested in my life!

Bad enough she walks out on her 2 lil girls for my hubs,she can't even pay her ex the $50 a week court ordered support. What a loser


2 thoughts on “Deflect much?

    1. Yes ma’am she does….😂The irony is that one of her other charming posts I’ve shared says that OLD BOOTAY(me)HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH YOUNG BOOTAY(her)😳. I’m dealing with a mental midget here with her


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