So this is the troll Tina’s latest conquest and herself in all of her grotesque splendor posing on his golf cart. Of course that’s about all she can drive now without a license or a car for that matter🤣🤣

so this Romeo she’s currently with is the replacement for Ike. ”This blissfully ignorant Romeo is one of many she screwed while screwing my WASBAND. And now that she’s been evicted from that house and been stripped of access to finances that weren’t hers,has no job,no car,no friends etc,she’s on the lamb from the law and real life in general.

You see she obsconded with tens of thousands of dollars. Allegedly of course

(insert eye roll here)and Lady Karma is running this bitch down. Won’t be long we shall have another mug shot. 8th one I believe since walking into my life and destroying it 6 years ago. But I’m the winner here because she did me a favor ridding me of the dirt bag of a husband I didn’t realize I had before she came along to whisk him away from me and our children. He walked out. Just like she walked out on her own kids. And now they  itch have and ARE nothing. Ah, it’s getting to be real and sweet now as Karma stalks her EXACTLY like she used to stalk me….Ahhhhhh,I’ll wait…..🤗



One thought on “Update

  1. God takes care of His own. All in due time.

    Love, Donna “I believe friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

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