In 2012 my life as a wife unraveled. The WHORE has sent me to the depths of very bad Jerry Springer episodes

Now,this arrest is clearly for disorderly conduct. And clearly it happened at 0:Dark30

and no one was involved but the arrested disorderly person. BUT because this person is not capeable of normal thought process and is obsessed with her boyfriends wife to the point of complete lunacy. (He no longer resides with wife.Traded her & children in for the above posted prize).) Why do I say that? Because soon to be ex calls me and says he knows she was arrested because I (current wife) filed a bogus police report and had a warrant issued for her arrest cuz …….we’ll just cuz I guess. Funny,I must have slept thru this event because IT NEVER HAPPENED. So,as the story goes,while she was minding her own business,pining for her man (cough) the police man picked her up and just scribbled down DISORDERRLY CONDUCT because he could. Everything that happens to this troll…

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