In 2012 my life as a wife unraveled. The WHORE has sent me to the depths of very bad Jerry Springer episodes

Proud paramou Proud paramour

So if this is THE date,then why did you lie? I confronted you,to,your face,and asked you if you and my husband were having an affair. You said “No! We’re just friends! Most all of my friends are guys because girls are catty bitches.” Hahaha. Translates to rely mean you’re then and still messing with a lot of men. But who cares about that? Not me. What I want to know is why did you lie? Why didn’t you just speak up and save myself and my children and additional 2 years of grief as you both denied anything? Obviously,you’re so proud of your conquest, why didn’t you claim him then? I know the real answer. And I didn’t finally make him leave until 9/2013. Seems you weren’t such a prize after all. And no, I don’t care enough to stalk your life or media pages…Thas what the paralegal…

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