Queen Wanna-Bee🐝


Thank God I have amazing friends. Their thoughts and prayers are what kept me EXACTLY the way I wanted to be yesterday. Strong and classy. YOU, crumbsnather, are not now nor will you EVER be the woman of THAT house. The house we spent the afternoon at yesterday after mom Mil’s memorial is HER house. Just because she’s gone doesn’t mean you can create a fantasy that you’re in charge as the woman (cof) of the house. I told my HUSBAND (legally still 4 reasons that aren’t your business)that I wanted nothing to do with you ever but especially yesterday to keep you away from me. You couldn’t stand it. Every time we stood as a family near the coffin you’d come pathetically try to insert yourself into our space.The girls and I just ignored and left you there. Many commented that your puppy like behavior of following him every step and not let yo him outta your site at Moms funeral was desperate and pathetic. At the house I continued to ignore you and you couldn’t take it. HE asked our daughter to mop up a juice spill on the patio floor. She didn’t know how to use that particular mop. So I took the mop and did it for her. As I was rinsing the mop to wet it in the sink YOU,from your perch,bellowed out YOU DONT NEED TO MOP NOTHIN….I gave no response. You bellow DONT MOP NOTHIN. Silence. OH SO U IGNORE ME?CLASSY.Silence. I mopped up the mess,rinsed the mop,put it away. You just looked stupid. When will u understand to LEAVE ME ALONE.Youre not worth my time and never have been except to write this blog about your behavior. As a chronicle of sorts so I don’t have to repeat the stories when people want to know what kind of person is he dating? Is she good to your daughters? NOPE. If she was,she’d respect their mother.

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