imageimageimageSo you opened your stalker account in June 2015 on Twitter. That was your 4th account.TinaRay818,TinaRay8,Savvychick77 and the latest Beachbunny10. This fact alone,suggests you’re truly NOT as blissfully happy with MY husband. By the times stamped on the tweets,1am-445am also suggest some other obvious hobbies you have but I’ll leave that alone. For now. This is my blog. There would be no reason for me TO I blog nor would there be anything FOR ME to blog if you’d learn to stay in your lane. Why not leave me alone. You have him,I made him leave,as he was denying everything,so you COULD have him.i know,you’re pissed because now that you walked awaimagey from your kids,AGAIN,to be with him you now have NO HOME of your own,no children to raise full time and yo didn’t get to walk up in MY house and take jack. Is that your problem? Tough crap. So IF you’re so blissfully happy then WHY do you exhaust your glorious hours opening accounts to harass me and fill it with lies? We all know WHO has a police record,who does the drugs and who is the good mom

. The newspapers tell the first two facts and the fact that I AM THE custodial parent no YOU ARE NOT proves AGAIN you fill your hate pages with lies. So this blog can lay down go dormant(look that up) or you can continue to provide future fodder for it. How about this, take your man and go be blissfully happy as you proclaim routinely in your weekly bar/watering hole posts and I’ll continue to be a working mother who couldn’t care less about your love fee or lack there of. So take me and mine off your list of things to toil over and maybe spend your off time visiting your children or furthering your education or earning extra income so you can eek out that $50.00 a week you’re SUPPOSED to pay to support your girls before you get another Kodak moment t the jail house.


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