Can’t make a hoe a housewife


Ever hear the term serial adulterer? Well it exists!

“serial adulterer” one who’s behavior shows a pattern of repeated cheating within a committed relationship. Leaves that relationship for a lover, then that person for another and so on.

Google it! Actually a psychological issue.

Now that you have done your research.. What’s your opinion? Obvi there are lots of reasons, causes and potential “something missing” that could push an serial adulterer to there next notch in their bed post, but let’s get real a second. Really!?!! Get a freaking grip on your issues. There’s lots of help available,  SEEK some! YOU NEED HELP!!! Blah blah blah your childhood did this and that to you, but don’t you choose the person you want to be? Who you are? How you carry yourself? How you act? Think about it!

On the other side of things, knowing this going in as the “lover”…

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