Hindsight👀is👓20/20 I heard.

In 2012 my life as a wife unraveled. The WHORE has sent me to the depths of very bad Jerry Springer episodes

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageI didn’t have Facebook. IF I’d had a Facebook account,I’d have seen this stray bitch sniffin around my husband and house. But working night shifts,2 busy lil girls and life didn’t allow me the extra time to waste. I used my time to be with my family,cook,clean blah blah….How irresponsible of me. I should have been on guard knowing that swamp slurping scum like Tina Raye were knuckle dragging up my street looking for something to chew on. IF I’d been trolling the web, I’d have happened upon her cyber stalking and fangirling all my husbands posts. EVEN those about our family and girls and me! Sick bitch had her face pressed up against the window sniffin and I shoulda slammed her ugly face in the pane as I locked those windows shut

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