Every single Tuesday,gotta post another glorious pic

In 2012 my life as a wife unraveled. The WHORE has sent me to the depths of very bad Jerry Springer episodes


Without fail,weekly at least one more like 4+,she posts pics of THEM. The happy couple. Her and her married boyfriend she proudly professes to have taken because “I AM THAT GOOD” according to her self proclimations.

Typically she takes HIS phone while he’s taking his turn at the almighty super-sport of darts. She accesses his face book ap and posts. Boom. Just like that. How do I know! Because every other day he isn’t at darts,those stupid happy couple pics don’t happen. More fodder for my attorney who is pressing the adultery charge the Hubs&Ho still deny. Here in SC they frown upon that sorta thing😂



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