imageI’m at a complete loss as to why any woman would harass another via social media in a passive aggressive vile disgusting way. REPEATEDLY! After 2 years of denial on the part of my husband and his HO,I finally kick him out. So he’s free. She’s got him. The end right? NOPE. Routinely,repeatedly,obnoxiously and liable social media posts WEEKLY about me. Texts to my hubs regarding anything including our children are intercepted by her,deleted and/or ignored and posted to her facebook account to leave them alone. My favorite is the post that says OLD BOOTY TRADED FOR NEW YOUNGER BOOTY! YEAH BITCH I GOT WHAT YOU WERE TOO LAZY TO KEEP. And yes that’s an actual quote that I have an image of. So if you read this and have an inkling of insight,please share!

thanks for listening



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